Whenever you consider working with a person or organisation you want to make sure they are experienced, credible, and offer value for money. That’s probably why you are on this page, to get a bit of ’are they trustworthy’ background.

We will introduce the team in a little bit but before then we would love to share with you about the things that drive us. These aren’t CORE values on paper in a handbook, these values are things deeply ingrained into who we are and want to strive to be.


Our vision is to see people maximise their potential and give their absolute and extraordinary best to the people and places that truly matter.


Many people talk about a desire to work less but earn more, we live it. Systems, technology, and workflows make this possible. Ultimately though this is about living life without limitation by the normal way of thinking.


We will be generous with our time, our profits, and our resource. We will always give back to people and organisations. We will reward quality in our team, we will give with Grace to the downtrodden, we will invest in cultural and character shapers.


Our mission is to assist people to fulfil both seen and unseen potential through media, new technologies, and innovation.


What we have is a greater asset than anything we don’t have. How do we use what we currently have to get where we need to go? It can always be done a different way to get a greater result. We will always look at the ways we can get something done, not being blind to the obstacles but nor being bound by them.


We are activators who get things started and moving and therefore we will always be in motion and getting things done. We will fight for momentum that means as an organisation we will have PULL rather than PUSH attraction.


Luke Holt – Director of Connection and Head Trainer

I took the trip from volunteer to professional in 2 months and you can as well. I, too, was searching life for my place and my passion in my career, but was jumping from one job to another without really finding where I was meant to be. It tore me up, from one pay packet to the next. I lived for knock off time.

Then, I volunteered to help at a Community radio station, the most profound and rewarding thing I ever did that started the most exciting phase of my life.

I have now hosted my own radio show for over fifteen years and am networked in 38 different towns and cities in Australia. I have traveled the world for radio, communicated with millions of people, reported on Olympic Games, international cricket matches and every day I have been doing what I love.

This was all possible because I took a step out of my comfort zone and said, “Here I am.”

I challenge you to take that step, give your everything for a weekend at the Salt1065 RadioActive Workshop, say “Here I am.”, and anticipate what great things can come of it. Don’t wish this was something you did. Take the courageous action to give it a go.

Damien Haffenden – Director of Everything

With a love of media from a young age, Damien studied journalism at university while cutting his teeth in community radio and gaining experience at Sunrise, 7 News and Ten News. After university, Damien hit the road on the regional radio tour, building content and hosting shows in Lismore, Orange, Jindabyne, Bundaberg and Goulburn. He returned to Brisbane, working in digital marketing and gaining valuable experience in websites and social media.

Susie Holt – Director of Lovely

Since meeting and marrying Luke, Susie has worked as a youth worker in a church, as Luke’s co-host on the breakfast show on 89.9 LightFM and Juice1073, as well as a part of the Susie and Michael breakfast show on Juice1073.

She is now the ‘lovely’ part of the Luke and Susie national radio show and pulls the strings behind the scenes of the Learn Radio team.

Learn Radio is the radio training arm of DOC Media.