March 06

Image result for shaquille o'nealHAPPY  BIRTHDAY: Born on this day in 1972 was Shaquille O'Neal a superstar American NBL player who Won three consecutive NBA championships from 2000-2002 as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Won a fourth NBA championship as a member of the Miami Heat in 2006. It doesn't stop there though Shaquille O'neal also won the 1999-2000 MVP award and three NBA Finals MVP awards. Ranks 3rd all-time in field goal percentage (58.2%), largely because of his ability to dunk the basketball.

He is a Man Mountain there is not doubt about that. So where are we going to find content in this?

One of my favourite things to do with birthdays but it's important not to do this too often, is to call the celebrity and wish them a happy birthday! I know what your thinking that's impossible to pull The Shack's number out of your back pocket and just make the call! Here's the thing, you may or may not find his number I the yellow pages (Probably not) but you can have a lot of fun trying.

Look up S. O'Neal in phone book and give them a call. If a bloke answers start by saying Hi It's _____________________ from __________________ You're on the air at the moment just calling to wish you a happy birthday! Obviously you'll get a response like "Sorry I think you have the wrong number". That's your opportunity to have a little bit of fun with them - see what content you can create out of speaking to a total stranger, they already know they are on the radio so they are more likely to go with you. Here are some questions to ask!

  1. Are you not S. O'Neal?
  2. Oh you must be his mother - Did you take him to all of his games when he was younger (If a lady answers)
  3. Oh you must be his dad, can I leave my number for when he gets home he might be able to call me back (If an older gentleman answers)
  4. I can't believe The Shack still lives with his parents, How does he fit on the single bed in his bedroom? (If you go down the parents angle)
  5. You must be very proud of your efforts over the years (If a male answers)

Buy Swap and Sell:

One of my favourite past times as a kid was collecting basketball cards and trading them with mates. See I you can get your hands on a Shaquille O'Neal card and try flog it off on Ebay with all the money raised from the card going straight into a local basketball club in your area. It's a bit of a fun story arc and people go nuts for basket ball cards still to this day.

You can set it up by Saying as we celebrate The Shack's birthday today I hit the garage last night and you'll never believe what I found. REVEAL the basketball card from your childhood! I wonder if this is worth any money - let's find out!

If you never saw Shaquille O'Neal play - Let the education begin: