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RadioActive Workshop

The RadioActive workshop is your chance to UNLEASH your inner radio star. Whether you have just dreamed of radio or whether you are studying and need practical real world experience, this is the perfect launch pad to pursue your dreams and have a heck of a lot of fun along the way. Make sure you register your interest before you let another opportunity slip to chase your dream.



Have you ever wanted to have your own radio show, be your own boss, and rule the airwaves? Can you relate to every moment struggling to survive in a job that you don't want to be in?

You've Got What It Takes

  • If you can relate to this conundrum, we have the solution.

    The RadioActive Workshop is a first step that will kick start an enterprising way to have a job that refreshes and it can even set you on your journey to land the dream gig where you get paid to do it - host your own radio show. You could ignite a new opportunity for a career that gets you jumping out of bed with a bounce in your step.

  • It could start to happen sooner than you realise.

    As a RadioActive adventurer you can be hosting your own show towards a new career, in fact you can be hosting your own show within two weeks. You don't need to wait for someone to give you permission and you don't need to take a huge risk. It's as simple as investing a weekend to the RadioActive Workshop to get started. During that weekend you will get everything you need to set you on your way, clarity about how to do it, and the support you need to succeed.

  • Imagine hearing your voice as the host of your own show and getting a taste of a new future where you're stimulated and inspired in a way you've never experienced before.

    You not only get to be energised by what you do but you know all of it connects you to a mission greater than you. Your words can really spark a change in someone's life through positive media.

Help You Feel Alive

and thrive as you will be able to see and almost taste the possibility of a career where you get to talk into a microphone and call it a job...what? Best...gig...ever.


Unleash Your ROAR

as you come to appreciate how important your words can be and gain the confidence to use those words without hesitation. You can take the things in life that light a fire in your belly and articulate that stirring to become a thought leader and someone that people want to listen to.


Support You Every Step of the Way

and ensure you are not alone. You will be supported by professional announcers and leaders in media, committed to help you open up new possibilities for your life.



8 week digital Workshop

Luke Holt uncovers the secrets to starting a career in media and you learn how to set yourself apart, harness your strengths to make a difference for others and be a successful host of your very own show.

Your RadioActive Plan

Your digital learning portal and guide will create a plan, step you through each stage, and unleash you towards new opportunities for your future...Follow it step by step and you will be getting paid to host your own show.

Discover Your Unique Strengths

We will help you identify your uniqueness, what is so special about you and how to use that to forge a new path for your life. You will walk away with a list of your top 5 natural and God given strengths that you can maximise for success.

Help and Resources to Create Your Own Show

We will walk you through the first 6 editions of a brand new show, as hosted by you. You will have a platform to learn and refine your new craft. This won’t be just theory…this will be real.

Professional Mentoring

Using videos, webinars, and an online community of professionals, the mentoring doesn't just go away. There is regular access to years of experience and success through the DOC Media team.

Access to a Private Online Group

You will have access to people who care about helping you succeed and have the knowledge and experience to back that up, as well as others growing through the same training and challenges you are so you can support each other.

3 Months FREE Membership to the Learn Radio Producers Club.

This membership normally costs $147 and provides you with all of the creative resources to have fresh content, interview guests, and dynamic strategies to mean you don't have to come up with EVERYTHING all by yourself.

"It's changed my life!"

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for Radioactive - I think it's changed my life! I found (and I'm finding) the course so valuable and life-changing. When I attended the course I had just been made redundant from my job and I felt... small. RadioActive made me feel as though I had a voice and I was not a failure."

- Lauren Barker


Luke Holt

I took the trip from volunteer to professional in 2 months and you can as well. I, too, was searching life for my place and my passion in my career, but was jumping from one job to another without really finding where I was meant to be. It tore me up, from one pay packet to the next. I lived for knock off time.

Then, I volunteered to help at a Community radio station, the most profound and rewarding thing I ever did that started the most exciting phase of my life.

I have now hosted my own radio show for over fifteen years and have been networked to more than 38 different towns and cities in Australia. I have traveled the world for radio, communicated with millions of people, reported on Olympic Games, international cricket matches and every day I have been doing what I love.

This was all possible because I took a step out of my comfort zone and said, "Here I am."

I challenge you to take that step, give your everything and say "Here I am.", and anticipate what great things can come of it. Don't wish this was something you did. Take the courageous action to give it a go.

  • "Having a go on Radio! Meeting new people! Opportunity to push through my nerves and give it a go!"

    - Margaret, Sydney

  • "The workshop really stretched my limits and I was able to learn new ways of writing, which gets a message across in a tight, concise and fun way. I really enjoyed the interaction with the other students in the workshop whilst learning interesting and new information. I loved working in the studio. Thank you so very much for the amazing experience. I greatly appreciate it."

    - Amby, Sydney

  • "Hearing from an experienced person who actually does the job week-in-week-out. Luke's expertise spans so many areas of the workings of a radio outfit, and he can pass on his knowledge in a really fun and accessible way. Also great to actually get behind the mike and have a swing (with nothing much to lose!)."

    - Rob, Melbourne

  • "I have always wanted to work in radio. This course made me feel that was possible and now I really want to pursue it. Oh, and Luke was fab!"

    - Trish, Melbourne

  • "It brought such a wealth of knowledge to both radio and communications, but also with bigger picture things that can be applied to our faith."

    - Yohan, Townsville

  • "The teaching style was great and I felt encouraged that I could contribute with my giftings."

    - Lucy, Townsville

  • "Luke was great and the fact that you could tell this is his passion. Really kept me interested the whole time."

    - Jonathon, Brisbane

  • "Practical advice. Seeing how the studio works Immediate feedback - constructive critique. - loved every minute."

    - Rosie, Brisbane

  • "Interactive, fun, awesome experience"

    - Stephanie, Gold Coast


Get started for $295!

Now, normally a training workshop and follow up program like this can cost well over $1000 but to make your dream and passionate future more accessible it is available to you for much less. We will commit to you for 3 months, starting with the digital workshop and commit to help make your dream a reality, an investment is as little as $295, and you can get started.

So for the price of dinner each week you can start to open up a new, exciting, and fulfilling future for yourself where when you speak, people will listen and hear you.

  • Bonus offer for the next 5 to register

    And just to sweeten the deal, the next 5 people to register for the RadioActive workshop will get a free 40 minute personal coaching session. Once you release yourself on this pathway to hosting your show you are going to want to be a sponge and absorb the wisdom of those before you who have taken the same path and succeeded. I will spend that 40 minutes with you to encourage you and guide you to a new level of success as a host of your own show.

  • But don’t delay. The access to RadioActive is limited

    by our ability to give mentoring to each individual going through the workshop and is capped. Don't hold out and then discover you were too late. Register with your deposit now and we will hold your place. After capacity is met, you’ll miss the opportunity to open up this new mission and career path.

  • Try It Risk Free

    If after receiving your launch pack with videos, your strength finder code, and your 3 Month RadioActive Plan, you are not 100% satisfied that we can help you unleash and unlock a new opportunity for you...then ask for a 100% refund and keep the training videos and RadioActive Plan for the 3 months.


Simply put…NO. That is what this workshop is all about, helping you get the experience to launch a new path for your life.

We will help you through the entire process, step-by-step…with you the whole way. The two days at the workshop is just the beginning.

HURRY...Get RadioActive Now!!!

Order now and get:

  • An 8 week digital workshop that will uncover the secrets to starting a career in media.
  • The RadioActive training materials and community that will create a plan for your passionate future.
  • Your top 5 strengths listed to help you understand what is unique about you.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you don’t think we can deliver on the promises to help you unlock a new possibility for you.